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Marketing Calendar for Shopping Holidays: Late Winter and Early Spring 2019

We're well into 2019 and season shopping dates are approaching. We put together a list of nearby holidays and dates you may want to aim for if you are advertising on Facebook, Instagram, Google, Pinterest, or with us — Mailfold.

If you plan on using reaching customers for the holidays below, use this table to plan your campaigns. These are the dates you should schedule your campaign for (whether social, email, or Mailfold). This calendar makes some assumptions about your Etsy shop. Our assumptions are below.

If you're using Mailfold, schedule your campaign for the target delivery date below. The latest date you can submit a Mailfold campaign is also included as the "send before" date.

Marketing Calendar

This table is rather wide. For formatting reasons this table is best viewed on a desktop.




Send Before


Start On


Start On




April Fools Mar 9 Mar 16 Mar 18 Feb 15 Mar 25
Easter Mar 29 Apr 5 Apr 9 Mar 11 Apr 14
Earth Day Mar 30 Apr 6 Apr 10 Mar 12 Apr 15
Peak Prom Apr 8 Apr 15 Apr 19 Mar 21 Apr 24
Mother's Day Apr 19 Apr 26 Apr 30 Apr 1 May 5

Social ads require much less lead time, but don't sleep on the preparation. Have the artwork and targeting for social ads ready at least 1 week out and schedule them for the future when possible.

About Pinterest Lead Times

Because Pinterest is used for planning, it has a far longer lead time than Facebook or Instagram. We recommend running ads on Pinterest at least 30 days in advance, but ideally 45 days in advance.


Slowest Shipping Your Offer Ground
Fastest Shipping You Offer 2 Day
Time Between Order and Ship 2 Days
Customer Consideration Period (Max time it takes for a customer to decide) 1 Week