Marketing that works, made easy for online sellers

Sellers on Etsy and Shopify use Mailfold to reach customers in the real world with direct mail marketing. It’s simple and effective. And it’s environmentally friendly too.

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Mailfold prints environmentally friendly direct mail postcards. Learn more about our partnership with Eden Reforestation Projects.

Direct mail postcards.Printed
and sent via USPS.

Send an environmentally friendly direct mail campaign to customers anywhere in the United States. Delivery typically occurs within 3-5 business days.

Direct Mail Postcards

Postcards are printed full bleed on 120# UV coated paper. Mailfold offers postcards in 3 sizes.

4″ × 6″
6″ × 9″
6″ × 11″

Design a postcard

Mailfold makes designing a postcard simple. Customize a beautiful templates to make it uniquely yours. Or, if you’re savvy enough, upload your own designs based on our blank Photoshop or Illustrator templates.

Connects to stores. Connects with customers.

Mailfold connects directly to your seller account on Etsy, Amazon or Shopify so that you could reconnect with your previous customers.

Mailing list not required

Dive straight into creating a marketing campaign. Mailfold will create a mailing list based on your shop’s sales history. We do the heavy lifting.

Reach any kind of cha-ching from your past.

Your store’s history of past sales becomes your mailing list. Pick exactly the right people to reach by fiddling with different filtering options.

Segment by buying behavior

Filter your sales history by buying behavior. Reach a segment of people who spent the most money with you. Maybe just target customers who made purchases during a time period. Or just send an offer to everyone who has shopped with you.

Higher response rates. Better reach.

Cut through the clutter of online marketing with something a little different. A whopping 81% of direct mail recipients sift through their mail on a daily basis. And with direct mail’s response rates being way higher than online platforms — it’s a marketing channel worth considering.

Nearly 10X the response rate

Direct mail’s industry average response rate is reported to be between 2.9% and 5.3% — compared that to online marketing with just 0.6% for email, 0.6% for paid search, 0.4% for social media ads, and 0.2% for online display ads.

Combine Online and Offline

Sellers combining Mailfold campaigns with properly targetted online ads are able to find reach in new places for outsized results.

Good for business. And the planet.

Mail uses quite a bit of paper. That’s why we partnered with Eden Reforestation Projects to plant 1 tree for every 10 postcards you send. We like to leave things better than we found them.

Reforestation Impact

We estimate that 1 tree creates roughly 16,500 postcards. For perspective, running a single campaign with 16,500 postcards would result in 1,650 new trees planted.

Creating Jobs

Every 100 trees planted provides the equivalent of 1 paid workday to someone in a developing country.

Pricing Table

Card Dimensions
Price Per
4″ × 6″
6″ × 9″
6″ × 11″

Small Postcards

4″ × 6″
Per Postcard

Small but effective postcards. Great bang-for-your-buck.

Medium Postcards

6″ × 9″
Per Postcard

A balance between cost and attention grabbing.

Large Postcards

6″ × 11″
Per Postcard

These cards are quite large and are sure to get attention.


All sizes
Per Month

Includes all postcard sizes and lets you use Automation mailing